About us

The company PETUM was founded by recording in the business register in October 2000. The owner of the company doc. Ing. Igor Krejčí , CSc., decided after ten years of being the general secretary of Commodity exchange Bratislava decided to found his own company and start running a business. At the beginning, PETUM concentrated mainly on representing its clients at the exchange, later started trading on its own name and account, and that in both exchange as well as after hours trading.

PETUM, in contrast to other companies managed to provide its clients with additional services, mainly sufficient resources for financing deals. It used its own as well as credit resources. The company was a multi-annual leader in securing credit resources by the means of warehouse bond debentures.

Since the ascension of Slovakia into the European Union, the company has engaged considerably in the intervention mechanism, mostly in buying feed corn.

In the year 2005 PETUM started to extend its activities in trading with emission allowances. The company eventually became one of the most important companies operating on the Slovak market which lead to the position of market maker on the Commodity exchange Bratislava.

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